Fleeing into the wilderness

I despise the word blog. Despite this, this is the third one I’ve kept and the fifth I’ve contributed too, so I might as well get used to it. Since I’m currently involved in the Exeter Cascade Project, and so am contributing to their wordpress blog, I’ve decided to migrate across the great deep into this new promised land. In other words, I think I like wordpress better, and so am moving here and will be migrating some of my earlier posts from blogspot here. The patchy record of my year in Israel might well stay where it is though.

I will cover any and all subjects here as they appear randomly to me, in part to break the horrible affliction of academic writing. However, doing a PhD in Theology and religion is likely to spill across, as is my specific research in the Book of Mormon, so expect to see both topics represented here. I’ll try and break it up.

Final disclaimer: the views expressed in this blog are not representative of any outside party, or even – depending on the level of outrage – that of the author himself.


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