“In a Slow-Motion Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Media Figures Embrace Trump One by One”

The next stage of conversion is the power-lusting gaze at Trump’s popularity. “He’s tapping into something real,” is repeated endlessly as if tapping into anger justifies pretty much anything.

I understand the anger. I understand that political junkies are likely to marvel at anything that arouses such political passion. I also understand that politicians have a weakness for anything that inspires the masses. I remember how the sainted Jack Kemp was just a bit too spellbound by Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March, for example.

But what bothers me is the way that this admiration or appreciation bleeds into power-worship. One of the most illuminating aspects of this entire sorry chapter in American history — and it’s not even done yet — is how so many smart people reply to criticisms of Trump with declarations about his popularity and his success. This form of argumentum ad populum is more fit for ancient Rome. The people want blood sport! Give them blood sport!

via Donald Trump’s Media Supporters — Principles Don’t Matter for Them.

11 thoughts on ““In a Slow-Motion Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Media Figures Embrace Trump One by One”

  1. Trump being smeared by the Medias demicommies is just proof that we might need that old Rome mentality at lest with those kinds of abusers of free speech..the ones that can get on Television, Radio, and the Net declare a political figure or group Racists and uninformed..on the scale currently available and repeat an rinse until a few weak-minded people believe it

    • “abusers of free speech”? Is that the term for people who say things Trump disagrees with?

      When rebutting claims that Trump and his movement are dangerous for liberty, it’s usually better *not* to sound like a less literate version of 1984.

    • I have. And you clearly cared enough to say so.

      Your logic is clearly lacking though. Your sole argument that I haven’t read it is what – that I oppose Trump? I’m not the one throwing around phrases like “abusers of free speech”.

  2. OK David, it wasn’t as pointed an insult to talk about our over mediatized culture and factions being able to use them to play kindergarten antics of who has coodies! In this case Racist

    • I don’t think Trump personally is a racist. Some of his supporters definitely are, however, and he panders to them and the apparently more widespread proto-fascistic tendencies among many of his supporters.

      He’s a compulsive liar, and a bully. He openly boasts of his adulteries, and many of his businesses are built upon cheating people (that’s what a casino is). He’s praised acts of oppression, and claimed he’d order war-crimes. He doesn’t need to be racist to be utterly unacceptable.

  3. But Conspiracy nuts are Everywhere.. I guess the campaign promise to tax imports 35% have even the Republican party upset.. What will they do if he finds a way to end the free SLAVE labor they can get now..

    • It’s 45% he’s advocated for. Which would start a trade war. One doesn’t need to be a free-trade purist to see the flaw in that.

      And since Trump has actually outsourced his businesses, employed immigrants and indicated in his debates that his positions are flexible, he’s hardly one to talk.

  4. I doubt he lives up to any of his campaign promises David, but you want to talk Free Trade purists with another Clinton in office…good grief it’s time for a Trade War and those masses backing him are betting on it..Call it Rust belt mentality

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