Free ebook – The Book of Mormon and its relationship with the Bible

As readers may be aware, I’ve been engaged in a PhD examining the Book of Mormon and its relationship with the Bible. I submitted earlier this year (2017). However, to the great surprise of not only myself but also my supervisors, it was rejected with the instruction to rewrite it and resubmit for examination in 2019. I have significant cause to think that this was an unfair and an inadequate assessment of my thesis, while the requested revisions would utterly change the character of the thesis and cannot be made in good faith, even if I could continue. Lacking other effective recourse, I have thus decided to release my work, with only very slight revisions, to a wider audience, and let the reader judge for themselves.

The book is available both for purchase as a paperback and in Kindle format, and for free as a bookmarked PDF. The PDF version may be downloaded from the following link: The Book of Mormon and its relationship with the Bible. The paperback and kindle versions are available from,,, and the various European Amazon sites.

The book has also now been published in a hardback edition via This should shortly become available via other distributors, and is available directly from

From the book description:

The Book of Mormon and its relationship with the Bible is an in-depth study of the Book of Mormon’s approach to the Bible and its use of biblical material.

The Book of Mormon is an influential and controversial book. It launched a religious movement, has been believed by millions to be scripture, and has been derided by others as fraudulent. Despite this (or perhaps as a result), the book’s contents have been subject to both academic neglect and popular myth.

This book challenges some of that neglect by examining the Book of Mormon through the lens of its relationship with the Bible: a work which the Book of Mormon openly quotes and expects to be read alongside, and the only text which everyone agrees is connected to the Book of Mormon.

Through close examination of the Book of Mormon text and biblical parallels, including three substantial case studies, this book examines the ways in which the Book of Mormon draws upon and interprets the biblical text. This book demonstrates the complexity with which the Book of Mormon handles biblical material, and the close correlation between its reading of the Bible and the Book of Mormon’s own core themes

A comprehensive textual comparison of explicit biblical quotations with the KJV texts is included as an appendix.